Friends are the best valentines

Each year at the beginning of February single people everywhere start thinking about that one holiday. The holiday that reminds single people just how single they actually are.

When you see those heart-shaped Russell Stover boxes of chocolates go out on the shelves, you know it’s that time of year again; Valentine’s Day.


Luckily, since we live in this century and people are putting off getting married as long as possible, I have friends that are always ready to celebrate the holiday in an unconventional way. We dress up and go out on the town.


For Valentine’s Day 2014, Zandi Watts, Katie Parham, Trey Hairston and I curled our hair, put on our makeup and went on in Charlotte to celebrate being single. Well, Trey didn’t curl his hair, but he did come out with us.

Hearts and the colors red and pink were everywhere.



Zandi is so crafty. I bought my headband at the dollar store. But she took two headbands and made that crazy, red, feathery thing in her hair. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to make stuff.

But right now I’m still working on taking the perfect selfie.



We had a mini-photoshoot like every other time we do something fun. We had to give those couples and their Facebook pictures a run for their money.





This was when Zandi was living in Charlotte so we drove over to the light rail to head to Uptown. I found a pretty interesting vehicle in the light rail parking lot that I couldn’t resist taking a picture with.


Our friend Rosemary Hastings came to meet us and we were off for a night of celebrating. And to think, we didn’t have to explain to the ball and chain about where we were going… #singlelife


We ended up having a great night. We met a bridal party at one of the clubs and the bridesmaids gave us some plastic hearts that lit up. We danced with them for the rest of the night.

Plus this big guy let me try on his fur hat.


It was a blast and we headed home laughing all the way and feeling great about being single.


It wasn’t until the next day we realized that one of our plastic hearts wasn’t feeling so great. The cab driver ran over it on his way out from dropping us off. It had a good run.



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