Hippity Hoppity.. put on nice clothes!

The best part about Easter is when families break out their Sunday best and spend the morning at church together.

You see dresses with bows, and men who wear camouflage as their main accessary all year may actually throw on a tie. You see pictures of babies with bunnies and everyone looks spiffy.


See. Doesn’t this little girl I found online look precious?

Whenever I go home to visit Randolph County for Easter, I make sure I pack more than one dress option. I love wearing bright colors and feeling like I have a new Easter dress, even if it has been in my closet for years.

The problem is… my family doesn’t like to dress up. I campaign for nice clothes each holiday but usually I’m met with grumpy faces from my brother. “Why should we dress up if we are just going to see our family?” They always say that.

Luckily on Easter 2014 I was pleasantly surprised.



My family put on their nice clothes and we spent the morning at church together. Look how handsome my brothers are. All it takes is a collared shirt.


But the biggest shocker of the day was my daddy. He is one of those who loves T-shirts and jeans. But he came through by wearing a nice purple shirt (thanks to Momma for buying it for him) and a tie. I’m always shocked when the tie comes out.


My whole family did so well with their Easter outfits…so obviously I had to force them to take some pictures.



My family loves taking pictures (insert sarcasm here). But they got it together for me and did some nice poses.

And then it was time for the usual brother photos.




However, the nice clothes were short-lived. After church we changed into something more comfortable and headed to the grandparent’s house for lunch.


As you can see, I didn’t let the comfy clothes stop me from taking more family pictures. And this time I included our cousins in the action.



Doesn’t my cousin Tiffanie look beautiful? She grew up so quickly.

And below I present you with some of the boy’s pictures. They can’t take anything seriously.



To finish out the pictures, we made sure to get a few with our grandparents. They also love getting their picture taken (more sarcasm.)


I had a great Easter in 2014 and I love my family. Even if they do have something against putting on their nice clothes.



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