A January Wedding

“True love is not the kind of thing you should ever turn down. Don’t ever turn it down.”- The Avett Brothers.

In January of 2014 my best friend Nicole married her prince Cameron Lee. It was a simple and romantic ceremony and I got to be a part of it.

From the rehearsal dinner (which included the cutest water bottles ever) to the day of the wedding I watched in amazement and almost disbelief as my Nicole officially became a wife. (Hey Nicole, you are married).


Everything about the wedding was a perfect fit for Nicole. She had been planning the moment since high school and I knew I would be wearing a green dress when I said yes to being a bridesmaid. Nicole always wanted green dresses and a winter wedding with lots of sparkle and that’s exactly what she got.

Her wedding dress was perfect.


Our bridesmaid bouquets were customized letters.


We wore green… just like Nicole always wanted.


Her bouquet, which she made herself, was cleverly arranged using only brooches. I thought it was beautiful and a great way to add more sparkle to the wedding and so Nicole.


And finally, Nicole looked amazing 🙂


I knew once I saw her I was in for some tears but I tried to keep it together. We had pictures to take after all.



By the way, the professional pictures in this blog came from Allison Maxwell Photography. I think she did a wonderful job of capturing Nicole’s big day and you can check out more of her work here.



We took all of the traditional photos in front of the church before the ceremony. It was cold but I think they turned out really well.



Then the groomsmen and the groom got in on the picture action.


1618610_10153769154170005_2129117219_nBut I think one of the best parts of the pictures was when Nicole’s daddy saw her for the first time.


Then it was time for Cameron and Nicole to take a picture together. But Nicole wanted to keep her dress a surprise and Cameron wasn’t allowed to see her before she walked down the aisle. The solution was this beautiful picture was taken of them together. I’m so in love with it.


I’m also very proud of Cameron for not peaking. That must have taken some willpower.

Before we knew it, it was finally time for Nicole to walk down the aisle. In true Nicole fashion she walked in to an instrumental version of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.”


As I watched one of my oldest friends heading toward her future husband, I told myself I wasn’t going to cry. That plan lasted about five seconds because when I looked over at Cameron I lost it. Cameron started crying when Nicole started walking toward him and couldn’t stop even after she was holding his hands. My heart melted.


The ceremony flew by with Nicole and Cameron standing up there and looking so in love.


In the blink of an eye and a kiss on the lips, Nicole Harper became Nicole Harper Lee and she never looked happier.


I loved being able to support Nicole on her wedding day and I will cherish the memory of the couple’s happy faces forever. It was a perfect wedding.


The wedding was followed by a reception with friends and family. I was very excited to see a lot of my high school friends who I have missed dearly living so far away.



Not to mention the food for the evening was a soup bar. I loaded up on potato and taco soup. (Yum).

And again in true Nicole-style, she rocked the sparkles for the first dance.


The night ended with her tossing the bouquet (don’t worry she brought an extra one) to the group of single girls hoping to be the next one to tie the knot. I stood back during the ordeal, but my friend Cortney Davis went for it and this picture is hilarious.


But alas, Cortney didn’t get there in time and Nicole’s friend Hannah caught it. In case you are wondering if there is any truth to the bouquet toss, Hannah is now happily engaged…


Nicole and Cameron your wedding was beautiful and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. I also want to wish you a belated happy one-year anniversary. (Yes that’s how behind I am on blogging.)

Love you forever Nicole!


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