Almost time for a January wedding

“Come January let’s get married.”

I’m not the biggest Avett Brothers fan, but my best friend Nicole Harper and Cameron Lee had that song on the brain when they decided to get married in January 2014.


Nicole and Cameron met working at a summer camp and the rest is history. That picture was taken on the porch swing at the camp where he asked her to marry him. It’s the same swing where they decided they were going to become a couple. How precious is that?


So in January they got married. And I was lucky enough to be at Nicole’s side as a bridesmaid for the big moment.

I have to say I was very excited when Nicole asked me to be a bridesmaid but I was also a little nervous because I had never been one before. Plus walking down the aisle in a long dress is a fear that I’m sure most women have. What if I tripped and ruined the ceremony?

But Nicole and I have been friends since high school, so she assured me if I tripped she would just laugh at me.

We were really cute back in the day…


A little before January we had her bachelorette party at the Four Seasons Sheraton in Greensboro. The night was known as “Nicole’s last sleepover.” Although I told Cameron that even once they were married, sleepovers might still happen.


Nicole looked so cute in her sash and sparkles and we spent the night eating chicken and waffles and playing wedding games.


Luckily, Emily Bryant was there to capture the whole evening on camera.




This next one is my personal favorite. Nicole is obviously confused about what the beautiful Cortney Davis is doing.



We had a fun night full of lots of giggles but none of it seemed real. Every so often Nicole would look over at me and say “This is all for me. I’m actually getting married.”


I would look back at her in disbelief and say “This is so weird. You are actually getting married.”


When January finally came Nicole made a beautiful bride just like I knew she would. But that’s for my next blog post.




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