Time to talk about Tay Tay

We need to take a brief break my life recap to talk about pop culture for a second, specifically the life and times of Taylor “Tay Tay” Swift.

Swift recently released her latest album and my friends Zandi Watts, Bags and Morgan Wilson went a little crazy. Every time Taylor comes out with something new it’s literally all they listen to. They even nicknamed her Tay Tay a while back and refer to her as if she is a close friend.


I also wrote a column about her once. I hope the newspaper subscribers liked it. Check it out http://www.facebook.com/notes/erin-kidd/kidding-around-hooked-on-taylor/10151421916388126.

Now I don’t get too excited about musicians and their new albums very often. Frankly, I don’t have the time or the money to keep up with the music scene. I hear new music when I’m with my friends and they are talking about how wonderful an album is and how they have to buy it. Which brings us to “1989.”


I have to admit that I was a little excited to realize that Taylor was born in the same year I was and she chose to name her album after it. As Zandi Watts said “All the more reason to buy it.”

I’ve only heard a couple of songs so far but “Shake It Off” is very catchy. Not to mention the music video is great. Here it is if you haven’t seen it.

I find the video hilarious and I love the cat sweater she is wearing at the beginning.

I know people give Taylor a lot of grief for dating lots of men and writing songs about them.. but let’s be honest, it’s a two-way street. The men that date her know what they are getting themselves into. She makes no apologies for being herself and I kind of love that about her.



So, in honor of her recent album release and in hopes that I will soon be able to listen to the whole thing, I’ve made a list of my top five favorite Tay Tay songs. This way we can reminisce on her good ole country days and see how she has grown.

5. “Our Song”
This is the one I would belt out in the car any time it came on the radio. I knew all of the words to it and she looks beautiful in the video.

4. “Ours”

This one recently became one of my favorites and it’s so precious. I particularly like it when people sing these lyrics to me, “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine and life makes love look hard.”

3. “22”

This is a song every 20-something Tay Tay fan loved, including myself. I was around 22 when it came out and my friends and I sang it like it was our anthem.

2. “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Because face it… we all have that boy we knew would be trouble, but we took the risk anyway. Shame on us.

1. “Blank Space”

My current favorite Taylor Swift song is one of her new ones. After I hear it I just can’t get it out of my head. Tay Tay has done it to me again. She sure knows how to write music that people love.

If you haven’t heard it or seen the video, you need to watch it here.

And one more thing before I conclude this post. Another reason I like Taylor is because she’s funny. I think we could be best friends based on the pictures and videos I’ve seen. And we share the same dance moves as illustrated by this video you have to watch. Taylor is lip-syncing to her own song and it is fantastic. I feel like I’ve used some of those same moves in the club.

So I’ll leave you with this. Go out and listen to more Taylor Swift!


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