A Christmas blog post…almost a year later

You are probably going to get tired of hearing this from me one day, but I’m sorry I took a break from blogging.

I was doing well and going strong with my posts, but then there were some big changes in my life and the motivation was gone.

I was out the other day and someone asked me why I don’t blog anymore. After realizing I had no answer to give them, I decided I needed to get back to it. I’m still working on coming to grips with the changes but I’m doing better and I have a ton of stuff to share.

With that said, I can’t promise I won’t wander away from the blog again but I will start back my recap with a fun one; a blog about Christmas.

I had a really good Christmas in 2013. We went to McAdenville and The Daily Courier Christmas party was a success. Then I headed home to Randolph County for fun with the family.

We did the usual three family get togethers and I always love seeing everyone and eating all of the good food. But this year at the Kidd Christmas breakfast, my cousins and I decided to do something to add to the fun. Well actually, the girls decided and the boys sighed and played along.


That’s right… we found old family photos from Christmases past and tried to remake them.


As you can imagine, this took some time. There was a lot of rearranging and moving around the yard. We’ve taken a lot of pictures over the years.


Our mothers patiently snapped pictures on cell phones and cameras as we roamed from one side of the yard to the other, trying to make them as close to perfect as possible.

Of course, there were a lot of outtakes. With that many people in a picture it was hard to have everyone looking normal at one time.

I’m just bossing everyone around like usual.
Andrew being ridiculous as usual.
Andrew being ridiculous as usual.

And then the dogs wanted in on the fun.



So after a long time outside, we decided we need to warm up and that we had enough pictures to last us until next Christmas. Even though the boys didn’t like it and we had a lot of bloopers, we still ended up with some pretty cute ones.



It was a blast for me, because we all know I love pictures, and we all had some good giggles looking at them later. I think it really spiced up the annual family Christmas and I’m going to start thinking of something fun for us to do this year. Boys beware!

I left Randolph County and headed back to Forest City, where Alyssa Mulliger, Cory Tarlton and Travis Durkee rounded out the season with our own Christmas party. I don’t have many pictures from the party, but we made gingerbread houses, played games and had a nice time together. We also clean up nicely if I do say so myself.


It was a wonderful Christmas and I can’t believe it was almost a year ago.

I know you are probably also tired of me saying this but the people in my life are amazing and I don’t know what I would do without them.

Thanks for being patient with me and forgiving me for not keeping up with the blog. I’m not going to say I’ll try harder because I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ll try my best.

Nice to see you again, girlies!


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