A Daily Courier Christmas

All work and no play makes Erin no fun to be around. So during the weeks leading up to Christmas, I decided to make the office as cheerful as possible.

Spreading the Christmas spirit isn’t always easy at work, but I was determined, and with the help of Alyssa Mulliger, Travis Durkee and Garrett Byers…. we made that place look like a winter wonderland.



The boys helped me put up some twinkling lights and Alyssa and I spruced up the place with purple and pink Christmas trees for our desks. (PS- I want everyone to know those snowflakes took hours to make. They aren’t as easy as Youtube says they are.)


Once Travis saw our trees he decided he needed one too.


And of course Jean Gordon puts up her pen tree every year.


Garrett even got in on the fun with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Lori Spurling donated it to his desk for the holiday season. It was perfect for him if you ask me.


When it was all said and done I was very pleased. When the lights were turned out it was beautiful in the newsroom. Alyssa and I often worked in the dark so we could enjoy the lights.

We also had our very own normal-sized Christmas tree from Matt and Amanda Clark. Amanda donated it to the newsroom complete with ornaments and lights. Giddy with excitement, Garrett, Alyssa and I happily decorated the tree one evening to complete the Christmas decorations.




I was very pleased with the finished product and with the Christmas spirit that filled the office.


But Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a party. And any excuse for yummy food is fine by me.

So Alyssa and I began planning and shopping for the office party a few weeks in advance. We encouraged everyone to bring food and found some cute Christmas-themed snacks to make. We told everyone to wear their best Christmas attire or tacky sweaters and we waited for the day to see if anyone would participate.

The party turned out to be everything I hoped for. People brought snacks, dressed up and enjoyed spending time with each other. And there was food. Lots and lots of food.


I made some reindeer cookies.


And Alyssa brought the reindeer noses.


And we wore our reindeer antlers and red tights to complete the ensemble. I’m so glad Alyssa was willing to dress up with me because if you know me or have read my blog at all… you know I absolutely love it.


This is the part where I show you cute pictures we took during our photo shoot with the Christmas tree.



We even got some of our coworkers to get in on the picture-taking fun.



How cute are we as reindeer?




By the way, Alyssa’s shirt says “This is my ugly Christmas sweater” and Travis’ tie had little Christmas trees on it and was reversible. My coworkers make me so proud. (I also curled my own hair for the party. Somebody write that down as a monumental moment.)

The Daily Courier Christmas party was a complete success.




I’m going to have to start thinking of ways to outdo it for this year.



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