The one about a Christmas party

It wouldn’t be Christmas without annual get togethers and I was lucky to have Emily Lewis around for one back in December.

After a night out on the town in Charlotte, Emily spent the day taking her boyfriend Dan Hughes around North Carolina and showing him some of her favorite spots. He had never been to the area before and she wanted to show him where she went to college and just how awesome North Carolina really is. (Hint hint, you could still move here Emily.) It is the best state after all.



Later that night we met up again for a Christmas party. The very popular Zandi Watts has some friends that throw a fancy affair every year and she happily invited me in 2012. We love any excuse to dress up.


But this year most of our usual crew came along, and we looked fabulous if I do say so myself.

Zandi, Katie Parham and I even had a photo shoot before heading out. (You would have never guessed that would you?)




We went shopping before the party and Zandi helped me pick out the beautiful, red dress. I don’t usually like wearing red because I think it makes me look paler than I actually am, but I think this one was a good choice.


And of course, Zandi had the perfect accessory for the evening in the form of a present headband.


Then we were off to meet Bags, his roommate Ashley Bare, Emily and Dan to enjoy the party, eat some snacks and take some more pictures, of course.





Weren’t Emily and Dan just the cutest?


I must say, Christmas parties are my second favorite, after Halloween of course, and it was a really good evening spent with some wonderful friends.




And it wouldn’t have been a Christmas party without props.



I’m so thankful I have amazing friends to spend the holidays with and that Emily got to come down for a couple of days. We really missed you Emily and I hope we get to see you again soon.


Oh, and this happened at the end of the night. Because who doesn’t need a picture like the The Cat in the Hat?




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