Welcome back, Emily!

After my adventure with Zandi Watts on Thanksgiving, I had a visit from one of my favorite people. The beautiful Emily Lewis, one of my best friends from college, came back to visit North Carolina in December.


Emily and I have so many memories from our time in college, from Taco Bell runs to dancing the night away, she was my go-to friend who was always ready to do something fun. So you can imagine my devastation when she graduated early and moved back to Ohio. I’ve seen her at college homecomings and on our Nashville trip but I was feeling very Emily-deprived when she announced she and her boyfriend were coming for a visit.

It was long overdue.


We had a little Catawba College reunion in Charlotte and it felt just like the old days to have her back for a weekend.



I missed her so much.


We all missed her really. I’ve been telling her she needs to move to North Carolina for years now to be with her best friends but she hasn’t taken me up on that offer just yet.


Oh and Zandi and I took a cute picture that I really just wanted to share. Typical right?


It was a wonderful evening and I was so happy to have my Emily back by my side for a little while.

But don’t worry, the weekend Emily fun didn’t stop there because the next night we headed out to a Christmas party. I’ll be back with that blog post soon. Until then, I’ll leave you with this cute selfie Emily’s boyfriend Dan Hughes and Mike Leal took on my phone. Enjoy and keep reading!



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