Arghhh I’m a pirate

And I’ve turned into a very lazy blogger. 

I know I’ve said this before, but I always intend to keep the updates coming on my life with blog posts… but then life always gets in the way. Oh well, life happens.

It’s been months since I last posted and I realize a lot has happened, but I still want to share those moments with you. 

So… the night after we celebrated Bags’ birthday, we became pirates. 


Katie Parham and I were talking one day and we realized most of our friends had pirate costumes laying around from past Halloweens. So why not put them to good use with a pirate party? The result was a good time had by all and some cute costumes. 



And of course Zandi added some flare to the party by introducing us to Stacy. The lovable parrot that quickly became the star of the show. 



A good time was had by all and we decided the pirate party should be an annual event. Because who doesn’t like dressing up and saying arrghhhh every now and then?




Stay tuned..more updates are coming. Arrrghhhh!!! 


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