A Daily Courier Halloween

Not only did I celebrate Halloween with my friends in Charlotte, but I also celebrated with my coworkers. I absolutely love having parties at work. So I started campaigning for participation early in October.

The first order of business was the pumpkin decorating contest. We had the first one last year and our publisher Lori decided to do it again. That resulted in some very creative pumpkins.



Fellow reporter Alyssa and I got together to paint and bedazzle our pumpkins. She made a Furman University pumpkin and I tried to recreate something I saw on Pinterest.



However when time came for the judging, Travis Durkee’s Pumpcreational vehicle took first place. Customers also enjoyed his “Thirsty Thursday” pumpkin that is in the background of the picture.


The second step to making Halloween exciting in the office was encouraging everyone to wear costumes and join in on the fun. I begged and pleaded with my coworkers to get into the spooky spirit and bring in their favorite Halloween foods for a party. Alyssa and I decorated the office the night before and the next day I was pleasantly surprised with what filled the table.


I dressed up as a flapper and I was so happy that almost everyone wore a costume.




But of course, those newsroom boys went over the top with their costumes and made my day. First I was introduced to Garrett Byers, the zombie who was eating his own intestines.


It’s a good thing I had my policewoman there to protect me.


Then I was lucky enough to be in the presence of the beautiful, blonde Hulk Hogan.


Travis had been trying to decide what to be for Halloween for a long time and he told Alyssa and I that we would have to wait and be surprised. I would say it was worth the wait because he looked awesome. Although, I was clearly not impressed with his punches.


After everyone got their fill of Halloween food, we got together to take a group picture. These are just a couple that show you all of the Halloween madness.



It was such a fun day in the office and my newsroom coworkers really are some of my favorite people. We look good in costumes.


After it was all said and done, Alyssa gave away prizes for “Best Costume” and “Scariest Costume.” I bet you can guess who won those.


And if you didn’t get enough scares back in October, I will leave you with this last picture of the Garrett zombie that we took while we were out. I would run if I met this fella in a dark alley.



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