A very short homecoming

I got so caught up in the excitement of Halloween that I completely forgot to tell you about my short trip to homecoming at Catawba College.

I was on the fence about going this year because I had to work on the Saturday of the football game. But when I found out that the beautiful Hannah Thomas was going to attend, I figured I should try to make an appearance. So I got my work done and made it to Salisbury late Saturday evening and found Hannah.



We went out and saw a few people from my college days. Of course it made me feel old because I don’t know hardly anyone at the school anymore. Then again…I guess I am 24.

The next day Hannah and I went to eat with her mom and dad and some of their friends at Cracker Barrel. That was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. I don’t have one of those where I live. But I had really missed Hannah and we had to take some tradition pictures.





Hannah’s mom even got in on the pictures.



The rest of my Sunday was spent going on a nature walk at Dunns Mountain Nature and History Preserve. I didn’t even know this place existed when I was living in Salisbury, but apparently it does and it is perfect if you are looking to spend some time with nature.



Hannah and I went to the preserve with Nate and Kelli Wrights who are one of the cutest married couples ever. They were nice enough to let me stay in their house for the evening and I was so happy to see Kelli again.




Although it was a super short trip to Salisbury, I still had fun and finally got to see Hannah and Kelli. It had seriously been way too long. I love you ladies!

Come back soon for more Halloween updates and a fun trip to the pumpkin farm. Stay girly!


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