Let’s go the fair!

Can’t you just smell all of the fried food in the air? Can’t you hear the upbeat music and see all of the lights? If you are experiencing these symptoms, that’s because it is fair season!

It’s time to stuff your face with that funnel cake and gulp down that sweet lemonade. And I know you want to take a ride on that ferris wheel.

I’ve only been to a few fairs in my life. My family really isn’t that interested. When I was really young we went to the North Carolina State Fair and I went to a fair once with some friends during fall break in college. I got some cute pictures of my friend Emily and I at that one.


Look at these sophomore babies riding the ferris wheel.


I could tell it was fair season this year when I started getting calls about the Ellenboro Colfax Free Fair. The fair has been held in Rutherford County every year since the 1920s. It is a fundraiser for Ellenboro Elementary School. I know all of this because I wrote an article about it.

After hearing about all of the food and fun that takes place at the fair, I decided that I didn’t want to miss it and I was going to find someone who wanted to go with me. Luckily, fellow reporter Alyssa Mulliger was just as enthusiastic about going as I was. We got some free tickets (working at the newspaper has perks) and headed over one evening after work.

Turns out, the little town of Ellenboro has quite a big fair, complete with rides and plenty of food. Alyssa started squealing with excitement as soon as we got there.

Having fun at the fair.

We rode some rides, enjoyed the scenery and stopped by the lemonade stand for a sweet, thirst-quenching treat. It was a great evening at the fair.



After our Ellenboro trip, I thought my need to go the fair had been satisfied. But then my coworkers started talking about how the Cleveland County fair was bigger and better. So since we got free tickets to that one too (another perk) I had to check it out.

Alyssa was ready to go on another fair adventure and this time Travis Durkee decided to come along with us. He is from Cleveland County after all and had been to the fair quite a few times. He was our tour guide for the night.

And the Cleveland County Fair did not disappoint.


There were a lot of rides and basically any type of fair food you could think of. I had to take advantage of it and ate a hotdog, french fries, some fried Oreos and of course I had to have my lemonade.



But we didn’t just eat, we also saw some pig racing and rode some rides. We went on armband night. So we paid $10 and could ride whatever we wanted. I’m kind of ride chicken though, so I just did the swings and the ferris wheel. Let me tell you, that ferris wheel is scary enough by itself.


It may look colorful and harmless but once you get up there and realize how high it is, you start to regret your decision about getting on it. Alyssa, Travis and I were all holding on to the middle of our and hoping the ride would be over soon. We are kind of ride babies I guess.

I had a wonderful time at the fair and I’m glad I got to go with two of my favorite Daily Courier coworkers. You guys are the best.



I’m also glad they like taking pictures as much as I do.



I hope all of you girlies made it out to a fair. I now think it is going to have to be a fall tradition for me. Maybe next fair season I will try out a new fair.

Anyway, thanks for reading my post. I hope to be back soon to give you the details of my lovely best friend Amanda Drake and how we celebrated her birthday. Stay girly while I’m gone!


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