A Meowtastic Birthday


Hello all you girly-girl cat lovers out there. I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. I know…wonderful Mondays don’t exist. But I’m hoping to make your Monday a little better by blogging about a feline-filled birthday party I attended in August.

It all started with Emmy Scott, who I had the lovely pleasure of finally meeting when we went to the Chive meet-up. Let me tell you, she is a good time and I was looking forward to hanging out with her again. Lucky for me, she and Zandi Watts were in the midst of planning an outing for Emmy’s birthday. They are quite the pair those two.


I stole that picture from Zandi’s instagram…I’m sure she will love it.

Anyway, they both have a thing for cats. A really big thing for cats. I’m going to prove it to you by posting another picture that was on Zandi’s instagram…she will love me for this one too.


I really hope you enjoy that one as much as I do.

So somehow while planning Emmy’s party, they decided everyone should dress like cats to go out. And as you know… my friends and I never turn down a chance to put on a costume.

That is the story of how Emmy’s Meowtastic Birthday Party came to be.

She even did her nails for the occasion.

We found some cat masks, dressed up, took some pictures (because that always has to happen) and went out to Charlotte.

The birthday girl 🙂


Like my cat mask?


Emmy, the birthday girl, was a beautiful white kitten all night.


And everyone in Charlotte asked why we were wearing masks. It was great.




I’m so glad that I have friends that like to dress up and go out. Without them I would be so lost. You guys are the best.



I’m glad that Emmy had a meowtastic birthday and I hope to be back with more updates on my life soon. Until then, you ladies stay girly. Meow!


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