Take me out to the ballgame

Today I was inspired to make some progress on this blog. I figure since it is officially fall, I need to finish up with my updates about summer.


We’ve got to get all of this summer stuff out of the way so that fall, which is my favorite season, can have it’s shining moment. Don’t you worry fall, we are almost there.

This summer I attended several Forest City Owls baseball games. They are a summer collegiate wooden bat team in the Coastal Plain League and they play at McNair Field, which is right around the corner from my apartment. You know I love baseball, so going to the games was the perfect way to spend some summer evenings.

Anyway, one of those nights was Daily Courier Night at the ballpark. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to invite the family to visit, because they are always asking to, and to let them enjoy one of their favorite pastimes. So I took the family out to the ballgame.


I was pretty excited to introduce them to all of my coworkers and they even got some quality time with Hoot, the Forest City Owls mascot.




That Hoot sure is a hoot…haha get it?

Another highlight of the night was sports editor Travis Durkee, also one of my best friends, throwing out the first pitch. He even gave Eric a chance to get out on the field by asking him to help him warm up.



Eric acted all cool like it wasn’t a big deal. Of course he said “Erin, I’m going to be in the majors one day so I will be on a field like this all the time.” But I know it meant a lot to him.

And of course Travis did a good job representing the Daily Courier and throwing that pitch.



The rest of the game was spent mingling in the stands and enjoying having my family for a visit. It really was a great way to spend a summer Sunday night.




I want to thank my lovely family for coming to visit me and the Owls for providing me with plenty of summer entertainment. I loved Daily Courier Night at McNair Field 🙂


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