The time I turned 24

Yes, it happened back in May. I’m officially 24.

Although I’m not sure how I feel about being this close to 30 and turning 24 really has no significance, I did have a great birthday. And that’s what I’m here to update you on.

First I have to start by saying thanks to my friends for the precious text messages that I woke up to that morning. I’m a sentimental nerd who loves to save things so I have pictures of them.




That second one is from Bags. He is artistically talented with his texts.

The next great part about my birthday was all of the cute cards. I love getting birthday cards in the mail. it just makes me feel special. Of course I got the usual sweet cards from my grandparents, which I always appreciate, but then I also got some sock puppets.




The yellow one is from my brother Eric that I got in the mail at work the day before my birthday. The one with the hose is from my silly coworker Garrett Byers. He said he wanted to keep my sock puppet theme going. You boys crack me up.

Oh and then I there’s this card from my other coworker Travis Durkee.



He clearly understands my love for bacon.

The birthday kept getting better with a little more help from my other coworker Alyssa Mulliger who decorated my desk and gave me a special birthday sash, which I proudly wore all day long. I even wore it out to eat for lunch.



A balloon and a cupcake were also waiting for me.



And then after a few more presents and a cookie cake I was smiling from ear to ear.



IMG_1510We ended the day with a game of ‘Pin the tail on the Princess.’ We only played one round because we are old and we got dizzy. But it was still a blast. And the pictures that came out of it are the best part.









IMG_1557Who says you can’t have fun at work? That last picture of Garrett is my favorite. He just looks so… happy maybe?

Anyway my 24th birthday was one of my best ones yet. I really want to thank everyone who helped make it special for me. It means so much and I love you guys.

Also, check out my pretty birthday flowers. I liked them so much I had a photo shoot with them.





I hope to be back blogging again soon. I still have to tell you about my Chiving experience and a meowtastic birthday party. Make sure to come back for it! And stay girly while I’m gone.




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