We’re so Merican

How many of you love America as much as I do?

Since I’m sure that everyone reading is raising their hands now I will move on to question number two. How many of you Americans like Nascar? Vroom vroom.

Back in May, Zandi and I got our “Merican” on by attending the Nascar Sprint All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway and we did it in style.

976867_10151423612674499_1206260928_oA week or so before the race, I was sitting around my apartment one evening trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my birthday. If you didn’t know it’s on May 21. Write that down if you want to get me a present next year 😉

Anyway my question was answered when I got a call from Zandi asking me if I wanted to go to the race. Some members of her family had a suite at the speedway and told Zandi she could bring a friend. Luckily, she picked me for my birthday.

Since Zandi is so creative, the outfit planning began and resulted in Merica tanks with bald eagles and Nascar hats. When the whole outfit was put together it looked like this:

181292_10151423044124499_1364280379_nI mean, I think it’s the cutest Nascar outfit ever. And yet again…my friends and I like to dress up.

Now this wasn’t my first Nascar race, but it was definitely one of the best I have been to. First of all the view from her family’s suite was amazing.





945863_10151424785604499_459701702_nSecondly, we had a blast running around the speedway and being “Merican.” We also got to meet some of the drivers.





Ok you’re right. Those aren’t real drivers. But they are close enough.

Oh and we made a new friend who wanted to take a picture with us because of our outfits.


It was a day of fun hanging out with my love Zandi Watts and her family. It was a great birthday present and I would do it with her again in a heartbeat. Even though we got tired and only stayed for like the first lap of the race….. hey, I said we were “Merican” not big Nascar fans.

P.S.- I would also like to introduce you to the cutest Nascar fan in the world. Zandi’s niece Maddie Mae. She was definitely the girliest girl there.





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