Can you find us?

As I was sitting at work today, yes I do work on Saturdays, I started thinking about my blog and I realized that I completely forgot something. I forgot to tell you girlies (and guys if any read this) about the time I dressed up as Waldo. You know, from Where’s Waldo. Check me out.



Nope. This wasn’t for Halloween. It was actually a big event in Charlotte all the way back in January. I know that was forever ago, but I have some really cute pictures from that night and we all know how much I love sharing pictures. Here’s one of my faves.



You know I can’t go anywhere without my two right-hand women Zandi Watts and Amanda Drake.

Anyway, it was basically a big party at the Epicentre in Charlotte where everyone dressed up like Waldos. If you can’t tell already, my friends and I love themed events so we couldn’t pass this up.


71809_10151220492499499_1298023410_nSo we snatched up Bags, who is probably mad that he hasn’t been in any pictures yet, and his roommate Diamond and made our way to find all of the other Waldos. And let me tell you, there were plenty to go around.



I had so much fun running around with my fellow Waldos. We may technically be grown ups but we are never too old for hide and seek.

DSCN0548I would have to say that my Waldo friends were probably the prettiest and most fun there…but then again I am a little biased.



RSCN0576Well there you have it. The time I dressed up as a Waldo. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. I also hope you noticed how beautiful and curly all of our hair looked thanks to Zandi Watts. Even though we don’t live in the same town anymore, she is always making me pretty 🙂

Now I just have one more question for you. Where’s the Zandi Waldo?







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