We Look Good in Green

Happy almost July!

As I sat on my couch during this lazy Sunday, I started thinking about my blog and how I have been neglecting it. I will admit, for a while there I didn’t want to even think about blogging because I write at work all day. I didn’t want to come home and have to write more.

However, I have missed it. So I figured I would try to give a quick update on my life. Nothing has really changed. I still write for a newspaper and I still have amazing friends. But I have had some exciting things happen lately that I want to share.

We will go back in time and start with the month of March and then hopefully I can keep the updates coming. But today, I want to share my St. Patrick’s Day pictures :).

487694_10151336839989499_1701441548_nI headed to Charlotte with so many people that I love and had a great time.

891833_10151585534535628_371956314_o-1And we looked so good in our green, if I do say so myself.




It’s not often that I get so many of my best friends in one place. But this time it worked out and I had the best time celebrating with them.







As you can tell, we took a lot of pictures. But that’s what happens when you get so many pretty green people together. My favorite picture of the day is one of me and my love Amanda Drake.



I clearly love you girly.

Whew…now I feel a little better about my nonexistent blog posts. I hope you enjoyed this very green post and I hope you come back soon for more of my life updates. Those other months after March have been pretty exciting also 🙂




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