I’m Thankful For….

I know that my usual blog posts are upbeat and full of my latest adventures, but this one is going to be a little different.

A couple of days ago I spent Thanksgiving with my family, stuffing my face with food that my grandma cooked and I got to thinking about what I am really thankful for. I like to use my blog as a way to express myself, so I thought I would get those thoughts out in a post. This could get long because I have a lot of reasons to be thankful, so I will stick with the main ones and try to add some pictures in there so you girlies aren’t completely bored.

The first thing I am thankful for is the first thing that comes to most everyone’s minds on Thanksgiving; family.

I have an amazing, supportive, and loving family. They are always there for me no matter what, making sure that I am being the best person that I can be.

When I think about all the things that my family has done and is doing for me, I am astounded. All I can think is that I am so blessed because many of my peers do not have a family like that. We may not always get along, but in the end we know that we will always be there for each other. I would not be where I am today without all of their support. I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful group. I love ya’ll. (I’m southern so I am allowed to talk like that.)

The next one is also obvious. I am thankful for my friends.

I have so many people who I believe I can truly call a friend. I have always been a social person and I would like to think that I have some of the best friends around. You guys are there for me when I need a night out, a night in, someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on or a shopping buddy.

I am thankful for my job.

In today’s world, not every college graduate can say that. I am proud to say that in a few days I will have been at my current job for a year. I have been living alone, paying rent and being a grown up for 365 days. I am so very thankful that I have the ability to live this way. Whenever Monday comes around and I am grumbling about having to work, I try to remind myself that someone out there is searching for a job and would give anything to have one.

I am thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given. 

I have played soccer, had piano lessons, been a member of the Girl Scouts, played basketball, performed with the marching band, played on three different softball teams at once, and taken dance lessons. I have been to many states, Spain and France.

I was involved in numerous groups at school. I got to be the chairperson of Wigwam Productions, the editor of The Pioneer online newspaper and president of Lambda Pi Eta communication honors society. I was also a member of Helen Foil Beard and Delphi.

Every opportunity I have taken has molded me into the girl I am today. I plan to continue to pursue new opportunities as they arise.

I am thankful for my many many many many mistakes. 

I have learned from them and I have grown from them. They may have been painful at the time, but I have to remember that by making those mistakes I am learning what not to do in the future.

Lastly I want to say that I am thankful for my life.

Life is complicated. Being a grown up is nothing like the five-year old Erin thought it would be. You have more responsibilities and paying bills isn’t very much fun. When I was young, I looked at people in their 20s as old. I thought by that time I would be married with kids and living in my dream house out in the woods somewhere. I just thought that is what 20 somethings did.

Today, at the age of 23 I am constantly having to remind myself that I am still young. As many of my friends and peers are getting married, having babies and progressing in their lives, it has been hard for me to keep the feeling that I am falling behind out of my head. But then I remind myself about everything I do have and everything I have accomplished. After finally sitting down and typing out this list of what I have to be thankful for, I see that there is no reason for me to sulk about what I am lacking. I cannot compare myself to other people. I am blessed beyond measure and have to keep the faith that everything will fall into place and end up like it is supposed to be eventually.

My life is amazing. I just have to live it to the fullest, continue to be thankful for what I have and keep a smile on my face.

Always smile.

Phew…that took a long time, but I am finally finished with my list. I’m glad that you stuck around to read it and you should feel privileged because you just got a glimpse of what goes on inside of my brain all day. Thanks for reading and I hope that you all realize that there is always something to be thankful for.

Oh and one more thing I am thankful for….you girlies that read my blog post. Without you, I would have no reason to share these thoughts. I am truly grateful. And don’t worry, I’m sure the next blog post will be back to my normal silliness.


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