A mud run, an engagement and a children’s museum

A blog post two days in a row?!

I know, I was just as surprised as you are, but I couldn’t wait to tell you ladies about my weekend. I was feeling low because I had not seen my friends in a while when the lovely Zandi Watts called me up and asked me to be her partner in crime. Who am I to say no to adventure?

Zandi had some serious business to take care of in South Carolina, and she asked me to come along. So, on Friday afternoon she headed this way to see me. Knowing I would still be at work when she got here, Garrett and I found a fun pumpkin decorating activity to attend. I knew this would make Zandi happy because she loves to take pictures and it was happening in a children’s museum. KidSenses Children’s Museum in Rutherfordton to be exact.

The pictures below are what happen when you have two friends that are photographers.

Did I mention we are really just big kids at heart?
Shadow puppets are the best.

After playing at the museum for a while, we went out for a little, and then came back to my apartment to prepare for our very early 5 a.m. wake up call the next day.

But, the wake up call was well worth it, since we were heading to the United States Marine Corps Mud Run in Columbia, South Carolina. Zandi’s company designed shirts to sell for the event, and needed an extra hand to help. Of course I said yes. Muddy Marines and free clothes…sold.

I got to model the clothes.

Don’t Zandi’s designs look good?

Spend time with one of my best friends.

And enjoy the scenery…and yes Zandi did get caught taking this picture. It doesn’t matter anyway, he was buying a present for his girlfriend.

I would say that is beautiful.

I have to say, it was very entertaining watching all of the people emerge from the mud-filled obstacle course.

After a long day of working, Zandi and I helped her boss clean up and then continued on our journey for two more hours to Summerville, South Carolina, where her brother Adam had gotten her a hotel room. Why did he get her a hotel? You will just have to wait until you look at this cute picture that Zandi and I took before we found the local bar and grill to find out.

What can I say? We love photobooth.

Ok…Adam got Zandi a hotel room because he wanted her to be there to take pictures for a huge day in his life. The day that he asked his girlfriend Laura to marry him. Exciting right?

Zandi and I headed to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston, South Carolina on Sunday morning for the big moment. After much confusion, we spotted Adam and Laura entering the garden, and instantly became secret spies, following them around and wondering when he would do it.

However, as I pointed out to Zandi, we wore the wrong shoes for spying and Laura did get a peek of us toward the end. But, it was very successful because she said yes, and Zandi got some amazing shots.

Absolutely precious.

I have to admit, I teared up a little because the moment was perfect. Besides proposing in the most romantic spot ever, can you believe that Adam actually paid to get Laura’s nails done so that they would look good when she put the ring on? Well done, Adam. Well done.

The moment that Laura spotted us.

By the way, if there are any men out there reading this that are thinking about proposing, go with the secret photographer. I promise that the love of your life will thank you later.

I am so glad that Zandi allowed me to be a part of this amazing weekend. And, speaking of the love of my life, I think I found him during the mud run. His name is Teddy.


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