I Conquered Chimney Rock

Well, I didn’t exactly conquer it. There were plenty of trails to walk which would have taken all day and I was wearing flip-flops. Those tennis shoe wearing, serious hikers with the backpacks full of water conquered it. But, I did make it to the top.

If you aren’t familiar with Chimney Rock State Park, it looks a little like you would imagine…a chimney.

The park is in the western part of my county, and is a big tourist spot for families. Although, if I am being honest, I would never take my kids there. I am already scared enough of heights as it is. Who would want to worry about their child falling off of a giant rock?

However, the park is beautiful and my momma had been talking about visiting in ever since I moved to Rutherford County. So, we took a Saturday and headed up the winding roads to find it.

We even brought along my little brother Eric. He complained a little at first because he thought the day would be boring. But, he ended up having fun, especially when he was running along ahead of us and telling us we needed to hurry up.

Yes, he is taller than me now.

It really was a great day. I am so glad that I have loving family members that will come and visit me. My momma and I decided that we want to do adventurous things like this more often. But next time, I plan to wear the right shoes.

Speaking of shoes…I bought a new pair of boots. What do you think?

I had my good friend and photographer Garrett Byers take a picture of them for me. You should check out his photography page sometime. He is awesome! Click here to look at what he can do.

Alright girlies, don’t forget to check out the blog for more updates on my life. I can’t wait to fill you in on my recent adventures. They involved a mud run and an engagement. More details will come soon!!


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