The time we went to see Kelly Clarkson

That’s right ladies. I saw Kelly Clarkson in concert.

Isn’t she just fabulous?

Anyway, my friend Bags, who has been in a ton of my blog posts lately, (you’re welcome Bags, I am going to make you famous) had a friend who worked at the Verizon Wireless Ampatheatre in Charlotte. That friend of his told Bags he could get free VIP passes for the concert. This was perfect for him because he absolutely loves Kelly Clarkson. Just ask him…he will talk about her for hours.

So what did Bags do? He called and invited his favorite three ladies and best friends of course.

Oh Bags..what would your life be like without me, Zandi, and Amanda?

We all met at his apartment in Charlotte, along with his friend Jessica, and headed out for a much-needed good time, filled with the musical stylings of Kelly.

We made sure to arrive early, so that there was plenty of time to take cute pictures before the concert started. (hey, taking pictures is what we do.)

After several photos and finding Kevin Flebbe, who came all the way from Raleigh to see him some Kelly Clarkson, we headed into the VIP area for a bit before we made our way to our seats to see The Fray perform.

After The Fray, it was time for the main event…..yeah Kelly!

Sadly, I do not have any pictures of Kelly herself. We weren’t very close to the stage, and my camera doesn’t do well with distances. However, I found a YouTube video of one of the songs we got to see. She also introduced the audience to some of her family members.


Insert obnoxious singing along pictures here:

It was such a great night, we had so much fun, and I think Bags will always remember this Kelly experience.


Tune in to my next blog post to see how we spend Amanda’s 22nd birthday!





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