The Time We Went to Nashville

The idea for us to take a trip to Nashville all started with my best friend Emily Lewis. Isn’t she pretty?

She decided that for her twenty-third birthday, she wanted to visit the lovely Morgan Wilson, who lives in Nashville, and she wanted to make a weekend trip out of it.

Enter me, Zandi, Bags, and Amanda. You know, the usuals. Anyway, her wonderful family said that they would pay for our hotel rooms while we were there. Awesome right? So, after months of planning, we packed up and headed toward Tennessee.

Aren’t we cute?

We drove and drove and drove, with several stops for Zandi and Bags who are addicted to coffee. But, we finally made it and were sent over to “Belks” to get our makeup done at MAC Cosmetics by the lovely Morgan Wilson.

She made me look like a Barbie Doll.

After the makeovers, which took a good while to do on three girls, we headed over to check into our hotel, meet Emily and her boyfriend, and get ready to head out for the night, with Morgan as our guide.

And, as you all very well should know by now, Zandi did my hair and the getting ready process always comes with a photo shoot.

I missed you so much!

Attractive aren’t we?

We even got a group shot with Morgan in there.

But, you should also know by now, that with every good picture we take…there are plenty of not so good pictures.

I’m gonna say we weren’t ready
Dear Morgan, thank you for this, love Erin

Finally, after a quick dance from Amanda on top of the bed (this happens every single time)…

We headed out to explore Nashville and dance the night away to some country music ya’ll!

The next day, after a lot of sleep, we became tourists. Walking around Nashville like we owned the place. Taking pictures with giant boots and everything we could find.

We bought friendship bracelets.

Emily got some quality boyfriend time with Dan the man. Side note here- This was the first time we had ever met her boyfriend Dan, and we all loved him.

And finally, we listened to more live country music, because we were in Nashville.

After being tourists, for our last night out, we countried it up and decided to head over to Coyote Ugly. I mean, why wouldn’t we? Of course, Zandi did my makeup and Morgan did my hair. I’m pretty hopeless with that.

We had a great last night out, and made some memories that will last a lifetime. I miss all of you so much already, and I am always up for another road trip!

P.S.- I also want to thank Ms. Wittum for letting Amanda and I borrow your super cute cowboy boots for the weekend. We put them to good use.


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