A Very Successful New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in a new town can be very scary. Back at home, I always knew what to expect, which was sitting around with my parents and trying to make them watch the ball drop with me.

This New Year’s Eve was very different. I am in a new town with new people, which made thinking about spending the holiday here pretty scary. I had already started planning another night of bonding with my couch. But then, my good friend Zandi Watts decided she would come visit.

She helped make this New Year’s Eve the best one I have ever had!

In usual Zandi fashion, she dressed me up (in a shirt that she picked out for me two hours before arriving), did my makeup, broke out the big camera, and took some amazing pictures.

After our successful Zandi and Erin photo shoot, we headed out into the night to see what this part of North Carolina had to offer.

We were a bit skeptical about what we mind find at first, but the town did not disappoint.

Once we found where everyone was celebrating, and found some pretty sweet New Year’s hats, the fun began.

The band was bluegrass/rock and was actually very good. Plus, we made a couple of new friends.

She let me trade hats with her.
Poor guy, just couldn't keep his eyes open

The night ended with a cash balloon drop (no I did not win anything) and a toast to the new year at midnight.

I want to thank the lovely Zandi Watts for making this the most successful New Year’s Eve celebration I have ever had. I hope next year will be even better!

As for my resolutions, I have decided that in 2012 I am going to be healthier, work harder, love myself even more than I already do, be nicer, and post more on Becoming a Girly Girl.

Yes. This picture was taken before I swapped hats to get that pretty white one.

Happy New Year girly girls! What are your resolutions?


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