A Merry Little Christmas

Well girlies, I had the day off today. I paid some bills, and took a nap. I am now fully rested and ready to share my Christmas weekend with you. It was so exciting!

Every year, we have three family get-togethers that we attend. Sometimes we take family pictures, and sometimes we don’t. This year, I put my foot down at the first get together and said we would be taking them. Once I got my Aunt Lisa on board, she rounded up the ones who whine about being photographed (the boys) and we headed outside. All I had to say was “Lisa, I look good today, we need to take pictures.” Here are the results:

We started out with just the cousins.

Then we took one from oldest to youngest..yes I am the old woman.

And then it got a little crazy. I may have suggested we take a prom picture.

And of course, we had to kick the boys out and take a picture with the pretty cousins of the group 😉

Finally, we managed to drag everyone outside to take a complete family picture. Yes, we have a big family.

Later that night, we headed over to my Grandma’s house to eat supper with the other side of our family. We didn’t take a complete family picture, but we did get a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with their lovely grandchildren.

Grandma also gave me a new Northface jacket!! It’s warm, beautiful, and blue.

On Christmas day, we woke up and did our own little family Christmas. Santa was pretty good to me this year. He brought me all kinds of things like pots, a calendar, and a plunger. I guess Santa knows what a grown up I am now.

After the family gift opening, we packed up more presents and headed over to Nana and Papa’s house for breakfast. My momma had the idea to give Papa a picture of me receiving my diploma, and a copy of my first newspaper article that I wrote. She wrapped it up for me, and I gave it to him after everyone else was finished opening their presents. When he opened it and read it, he started to cry. He reached over and kissed me and told me that he was so happy for me. It was the highlight of my Christmas.

Oh and check out what he gave my cousin Katelyn and I this year.

How’s that for girly?



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