Things I Found On Pinterest Thursday

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee.

Let’s see what you have for us today.

I thought this was appropriate for the upcoming holiday season.

My bed and I are in love, nothing can come between that relationship.

In preparation for the new season of Jersey Shore starting January 5th. I cannot wait!

You have to love the train wreck that is Ron and Sammi.

I feel like this is starting to become very true. Darn you MTV for glorifying teenage pregnancy.

I wonder how they find all of these girls.

This may happen to me occasionally.

Seriously, everyone should just react they way I want them to, and everything would be better.

I also may do this in my new apartment.

It just feels better knowing that there isn’t anyone in there.

I hope you enjoyed the things I found on Pinterest today. Who knows what will show up next Thursday. Make sure you stay tuned to find out!


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