Werewolves, Vampires, and Babies…Oh My

For today’s addition of Television Tuesdays we will not be talking about a show, we will be talking about a movie. I am aware that I initially  decided that Tuesdays would only be about television shows, but I changed my mind. From now on Television Tuesdays will also occasionally include some important movies that I think you girly girls will enjoy. If you do not like my decision, I only have one thing to say to you…This is my blog, so I can write what I want. kay thanks 🙂

I’m guessing that from the title of this post, you already know where I am going with this. Well, unless you have been living under a rock for quite some time. Alright, are you prepared for the two words that you are about to read? You better get ready, here they come. BREAKING DAWN.

Breaking Dawn

I believe this is the time where you cue the high-pitched screaming of the super fans aka Twi-hards.

The girl in the middle is my favorite

I may not be one to stand outside of movie premieres screaming, but I am a fan of the series. I read all the books, and I have seen all of the movies. With this being said, I am pretty excited about the release of Breaking Dawn this week. My friend Nicole and I even contemplated purchasing a ticket at a movie theatre for a Twilight marathon of all of the movies before the premiere. Basically because we have no lives and have time for this activity.

I just love you

For me, this movie is the most important in the series because it is the beginning of the end. Bella finally decides whether she wants to spend the rest of her life with a cold, blood sucking vampire or a warm-blooded, immature werewolf. Wonderful choices if you ask me. However, I was always jealous of Bella. I mean come on, how often does the awkward girl actually get two men to fall in love with her? I guess that’s why they call it fantasy.

Anyway, I think it is safe to say that we all know she chooses the vampire. I apologize if I just spoiled that for anyone, but the trailer of the movie does show her marrying Edward, so you really should have already known. They get married and live happily ever after. The End.

Breaking Dawn

Except, we all know that is not the end. After the honeymoon, and the highly anticipated scene where Edward breaks the bed, Bella winds up pregnant. Normally this would be seen as a blessing, but unfortunately this baby is only partly human. This is nothing like a normal pregnancy.

Breaking Dawn

I am not going to give away any more details about what happens, I don’t want to be a spoiler. The movie is being released November 18th. If you are planning on attending the midnight showing and have not purchased your tickets yet, you will probably want to do that today. I have a feeling that they will be sold out very soon, if not already.  The movie promises romance, action, drama, and of course our favorite shirtless werewolf 🙂


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