Homecoming Madness

I’m so sorry gals! I just realized that I forgot to tell you about my homecoming weekend at Catawba! Oopsy, that is my bad. I know that you have been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to find out.

Well let me just say, homecoming 2011 at Catawba College was a success! Our football team may have lost, but my friends and I won. I guess I could sum up the whole experience in one word: Winning.

I was reunited with some of my favorite Catawba loves, and fun was had by all involved.

Friday we had a super girly night out. Hair was done and makeup was worn. New dresses were also purchased for the occasion. Zandi bought her dress about an hour before this picture was taken.

Just like old times 🙂

Saturday we enjoyed some tailgating, cheered on our friend Mackenzie Westbrook in the homecoming court, and took some more cute pictures.

Saturday night, we threw on more cute clothes and went out on the town.

All in all, the weekend was very successful. I ate at some of my favorite restaurants in Salisbury, wore both of my new dresses, took lots of pictures, and pretended like I was in college again. But, the best part of the weekend was seeing some of my friends that I had missed so much. It made my heart happy.

I love you all so much and can’t wait until next year!


2 thoughts on “Homecoming Madness

  1. I was so happy to have you here!! I wish that i could have you stay in my room all the time!! miss you and love you!! 😀 [ps:u should plan on attending Winter Fest….just saying ;)]

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