Pinterest: My New Addiction

Facebook and Twitter have been known to keep me busy for hours. I love the social aspect of the websites. Interacting with people, sharing pictures, reminiscing about the good times. It’s what I do.

facebook love

Recently, another social website was introduced into my life. As if I needed another reason to keep me from being productive..

It is called Pinterest, and I am addicted.

I could spend hours with you

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. My friend, Nicole Harper, introduced me to the site. You can organize everything into different boards. You can create boards filled with anything you want, from recipes to ideas for your wedding. I personally have boards with outfits I like, recipes I want to learn to cook, and places I want to travel to some day.

It is a social site because you can follow and share your interests with other Pinterest members. It is perfect for girly girls because you can share outfits, jewelry, and even nail polish styles. You can also use Pinterest on your iphone.

If you decide to check out what Pinterest has to offer, prepare to be thrown into a world of recipes, beautiful pictures, adorable animals, inspiring quotes, ideas for decorating your house, and clothes. It really is the one stop shop for girly things. However, before you click you should make sure that you are fine with hours of your life becoming devoted to this site. It is addicting…I promise.

If you have some free time, I encourage you to click on the logo below and begin pinning.


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