Bag’s last roar in the 20s


So I have this friend named Christopher Baglio, or Bags as we call him.


Bags was born on October 31 and insists that his birthday is way more important than the Halloween holiday. Last year we went out for the birthday celebration but this year Bags wanted to do something bigger since he was turning “cough, cough” 29. Yeah… he’s old.

That’s where the 1920s theme came from. And we looked awesome, if I do say so myself.



Bags looked the best of course.



But I was excited to wear my flapper outfit again and I think I pulled off the look quite well.


We celebrated Bags’ 29th birthday in style. And now I’m just going to give you a bunch of pictures because I know that’s probably what you are here for anyway. Who wants to read when they can see flappers and beautiful 1920s men instead?











I have to tell you, themed parties are my favorite. I love playing dress up.




I’m so glad that Bags had a wonderful birthday and that he picked such a great theme. He looked like he would fit in perfectly back in the day.



I luv ya Bags and this is your very belated Happy Birthday blog post!

And stay tuned girly girls because I have a lot of catching up to do on my blog. I have Thanksgiving photo shoots, Christmas parties and weddings to update you on. Come back soon!

A Daily Courier Halloween


Not only did I celebrate Halloween with my friends in Charlotte, but I also celebrated with my coworkers. I absolutely love having parties at work. So I started campaigning for participation early in October.

The first order of business was the pumpkin decorating contest. We had the first one last year and our publisher Lori decided to do it again. That resulted in some very creative pumpkins.



Fellow reporter Alyssa and I got together to paint and bedazzle our pumpkins. She made a Furman University pumpkin and I tried to recreate something I saw on Pinterest.



However when time came for the judging, Travis Durkee’s Pumpcreational vehicle took first place. Customers also enjoyed his “Thirsty Thursday” pumpkin that is in the background of the picture.


The second step to making Halloween exciting in the office was encouraging everyone to wear costumes and join in on the fun. I begged and pleaded with my coworkers to get into the spooky spirit and bring in their favorite Halloween foods for a party. Alyssa and I decorated the office the night before and the next day I was pleasantly surprised with what filled the table.


I dressed up as a flapper and I was so happy that almost everyone wore a costume.




But of course, those newsroom boys went over the top with their costumes and made my day. First I was introduced to Garrett Byers, the zombie who was eating his own intestines.


It’s a good thing I had my policewoman there to protect me.


Then I was lucky enough to be in the presence of the beautiful, blonde Hulk Hogan.


Travis had been trying to decide what to be for Halloween for a long time and he told Alyssa and I that we would have to wait and be surprised. I would say it was worth the wait because he looked awesome. Although, I was clearly not impressed with his punches.


After everyone got their fill of Halloween food, we got together to take a group picture. These are just a couple that show you all of the Halloween madness.



It was such a fun day in the office and my newsroom coworkers really are some of my favorite people. We look good in costumes.


After it was all said and done, Alyssa gave away prizes for “Best Costume” and “Scariest Costume.” I bet you can guess who won those.


And if you didn’t get enough scares back in October, I will leave you with this last picture of the Garrett zombie that we took while we were out. I would run if I met this fella in a dark alley.


A trip to the pumpkin farm


My best friend Zandi Watts really is, for lack of a better word, the best. If you haven’t noticed, she is in a lot of my blog posts and there is a good reason for that: We have fun together.

4-up on 2011-12-31 at 21.16 #6

I spend so much time with her that I have been told that I am an honorary member of the Watts family. That has turned out great for me because I get invited on family outings. The first time I met some of Zandi’s family was sophomore year of college on a trip to a pumpkin farm.

It was a fun trip. We went on a hayride, picked out pumpkins and fell in love with taking pictures together. My college roommate Lisa Easter also came along. It was a pretty fun day.

We had a picnic lunch.


I bonded with Zandi’s brother Adam Watts.


I met a cute pig.


Zandi and I took pictures.


199945_1007284507857_2746_nAnd we picked out pumpkins.


Fast forward five years and we visited Patterson Farm to do the same thing, with more members of the Zandi Watts family.



And Zandi’s niece Maddie was the star of the show. She is the cutest :)


Check out these Erin Kidd photography skills. I think I captured a pretty great moment with Zandi, her mom Vicki and Maddie.


I loved spending a day with the Watts at the pumpkin farm. They are hilarious.

1391772_10200929314460582_1120818871_n1391811_10200929330900993_233033892_nAnd there was surprisingly a lot to do at the pumpkin farm. We hung out with some animals.


Shot potato guns.


Shot tomatoes out of a slingshot at a target.

999995_10200929344181325_936237105_nAnd got lost in a corn maze for a while.


Then Zandi and I took some pictures. You know that had to happen.



We even met some scarecrow boyfriends that needed our attention.



It was a great day with the Watts and I’m so glad that I’m an honorary family member so I can go on trips like these. The only thing we didn’t get to do was pick out a pumpkin…but that’s a long story and we all blame Joshua Watts.

Thanks for reading about my pumpkin farm trip! See ya soon girlies!

A very short homecoming


I got so caught up in the excitement of Halloween that I completely forgot to tell you about my short trip to homecoming at Catawba College.

I was on the fence about going this year because I had to work on the Saturday of the football game. But when I found out that the beautiful Hannah Thomas was going to attend, I figured I should try to make an appearance. So I got my work done and made it to Salisbury late Saturday evening and found Hannah.



We went out and saw a few people from my college days. Of course it made me feel old because I don’t know hardly anyone at the school anymore. Then again…I guess I am 24.

The next day Hannah and I went to eat with her mom and dad and some of their friends at Cracker Barrel. That was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. I don’t have one of those where I live. But I had really missed Hannah and we had to take some tradition pictures.





Hannah’s mom even got in on the pictures.



The rest of my Sunday was spent going on a nature walk at Dunns Mountain Nature and History Preserve. I didn’t even know this place existed when I was living in Salisbury, but apparently it does and it is perfect if you are looking to spend some time with nature.



Hannah and I went to the preserve with Nate and Kelli Wrights who are one of the cutest married couples ever. They were nice enough to let me stay in their house for the evening and I was so happy to see Kelli again.




Although it was a super short trip to Salisbury, I still had fun and finally got to see Hannah and Kelli. It had seriously been way too long. I love you ladies!

Come back soon for more Halloween updates and a fun trip to the pumpkin farm. Stay girly!

“There’s No Crying in Baseball!”


To say I had an eventful Halloween would be an understatement. Halloween is my second favorite holiday (after Christmas of course) and this year I wore three different costumes.

I thought about sharing all of my Halloween fun in one blog post but then I realized that might be an information/picture overload. So I thought I would start with the first one today and update you on the others later. Therefore I will introduce you to Erin the Rockford Peach.



As most of you know, this costume is from the movie “A League of Their Own,” which I watched over and over when I was young. The beautiful Jessie Nance wore the costume last year and graciously allowed me to borrow it. I have to say, I think I made a pretty good Peach and this was my favorite costume out of the three.



Anyway, my lovely best friend Zandi Watts happened to design a koozie for a Halloween event in Charlotte. That obviously meant we had to attend.



She’s very talented that Zandi Watts. And she was a very attractive Catwoman.



We got together with Bags, Amanda and Jessie and headed out for the first of my many Halloween nights. And we took pictures like we were going to prom. Would you expect anything less?









I have to say that the highlight of my day, besides hitting all of those home runs (because that’s what Peaches do), was seeing the clever costumes that other people came up with.






The other best part of the day was the fact that everyone loved my costume. I had complete strangers yelling “There’s no crying in baseball!” at me from every direction and I loved it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to watch the movie. It actually surprised me how many people came up to me and said they loved the movie. I also found some more Rockford Peaches along the way.


I had a great time and I’m so glad that Jessie let me wear her costume. I’m glad that I got to spend Halloween event #1 with some of my favorite people.





Well there you have it, the first of my three costumes. Stop by again soon to see the rest of my Halloween adventures. I love you girlies!

My best friend’s wedding


So if you haven’t heard already, my best friend Nicole Harper is getting married. Yep she is taking the plunge with a handsome young fella named Cameron Lee.


Aren’t they just the sweetest?

I have to admit, when Nicole first told me about Cameron I was surprised. She was always the type that steered clear of boys and thought the world “boyfriend” was weird. I guess it’s for those reasons that my momma always said she would get married first. And as we all know, mothers are always right.


When Nicole texted me and said she was engaged, I was overjoyed. She deserves the best and I think the world of Cameron. This precious couple is tying the knot in January and I can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle.


Nicole now lives three hours away from me, so the first time I got to see her after she got engaged I couldn’t wait to see the ring and hear all of the details. But she had another surprise up her sleeve. She proposed to me right there in her living room, asking me to be her bridesmaid.


I jumped into her arms and immediately said yes of course.


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go home and attend her bridal shower. It was a crazy day. Neither of us can really believe that such grown up things are happening in our lives. But the bride to be looked beautiful as usual.

IMG_3155It was a special day. We enjoyed food, updated each other on our lives and Nicole opened some really great presents.



We also got to see one of my other best friends, the long-lost Cortney Davis. I missed that hottie with a body.


IMG_3176 Even though the bridal shower is over and I have a bridal luncheon coming up, I still can’t believe that Nicole is getting married so soon. I tear up a little when I think about it so I will probably be a mess on the wedding day.

I may be a mess anyway since I have never been a bridesmaid before. Any tips on how not to fall while walking down the aisle would be very much appreciated from you girly girls.

But I love my Nicole Harper and I know she is going to be a beautiful bride and a wonderful wife. I’m so glad you are letting me be a part of this special day.


She’s not feeling 22 anymore


My good friend Amanda Drake recently turned the big 2-3.


In honor of her birthday….can you guess what we did? We dressed up and went out of course. My friends and I are pretty predictable by now.



We really did have a blast and the birthday girl looked beautiful as always. She made that birthday crown look good.



Charlotte is always our outing place of choice. So we enjoyed a nice dinner…..




And then we enjoyed a night on the dance floor at Howl at the Moon and Suite.



It was a great night full of friends and fun, but Amanda’s birthday weekend wasn’t over yet. The next day Amanda and I woke up and headed to the Carolina Panthers game thanks to my favorite purrcussion member Zandi Watts. She rocks that snare drum out there.


Zandi got us tickets to the game so we put on our jerseys and made our way over to Bank of America Stadium.


And here is the part of the blog where I just insert cute Carolina Panthers pictures.





Also, the Panthers beat the Giants that day. I think they knew it was Amanda’s birthday and thought it would be a great present.


I hope that Amanda had a great birthday and I’m so glad I got the chance to help her celebrate. Happy Birthday beautiful and it’s still okay to sing Taylor Swift…we can always pretend we are still 22.

Let’s go the fair!


Can’t you just smell all of the fried food in the air? Can’t you hear the upbeat music and see all of the lights? If you are experiencing these symptoms, that’s because it is fair season!

It’s time to stuff your face with that funnel cake and gulp down that sweet lemonade. And I know you want to take a ride on that ferris wheel.

I’ve only been to a few fairs in my life. My family really isn’t that interested. When I was really young we went to the North Carolina State Fair and I went to a fair once with some friends during fall break in college. I got some cute pictures of my friend Emily and I at that one.


Look at these sophomore babies riding the ferris wheel.


I could tell it was fair season this year when I started getting calls about the Ellenboro Colfax Free Fair. The fair has been held in Rutherford County every year since the 1920s. It is a fundraiser for Ellenboro Elementary School. I know all of this because I wrote an article about it.

After hearing about all of the food and fun that takes place at the fair, I decided that I didn’t want to miss it and I was going to find someone who wanted to go with me. Luckily, fellow reporter Alyssa Mulliger was just as enthusiastic about going as I was. We got some free tickets (working at the newspaper has perks) and headed over one evening after work.

Turns out, the little town of Ellenboro has quite a big fair, complete with rides and plenty of food. Alyssa started squealing with excitement as soon as we got there.


Having fun at the fair.

We rode some rides, enjoyed the scenery and stopped by the lemonade stand for a sweet, thirst-quenching treat. It was a great evening at the fair.



After our Ellenboro trip, I thought my need to go the fair had been satisfied. But then my coworkers started talking about how the Cleveland County fair was bigger and better. So since we got free tickets to that one too (another perk) I had to check it out.

Alyssa was ready to go on another fair adventure and this time Travis Durkee decided to come along with us. He is from Cleveland County after all and had been to the fair quite a few times. He was our tour guide for the night.

And the Cleveland County Fair did not disappoint.


There were a lot of rides and basically any type of fair food you could think of. I had to take advantage of it and ate a hotdog, french fries, some fried Oreos and of course I had to have my lemonade.



But we didn’t just eat, we also saw some pig racing and rode some rides. We went on armband night. So we paid $10 and could ride whatever we wanted. I’m kind of ride chicken though, so I just did the swings and the ferris wheel. Let me tell you, that ferris wheel is scary enough by itself.


It may look colorful and harmless but once you get up there and realize how high it is, you start to regret your decision about getting on it. Alyssa, Travis and I were all holding on to the middle of our and hoping the ride would be over soon. We are kind of ride babies I guess.

I had a wonderful time at the fair and I’m glad I got to go with two of my favorite Daily Courier coworkers. You guys are the best.



I’m also glad they like taking pictures as much as I do.



I hope all of you girlies made it out to a fair. I now think it is going to have to be a fall tradition for me. Maybe next fair season I will try out a new fair.

Anyway, thanks for reading my post. I hope to be back soon to give you the details of my lovely best friend Amanda Drake and how we celebrated her birthday. Stay girly while I’m gone!

A Meowtastic Birthday



Hello all you girly-girl cat lovers out there. I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. I know…wonderful Mondays don’t exist. But I’m hoping to make your Monday a little better by blogging about a feline-filled birthday party I attended in August.

It all started with Emmy Scott, who I had the lovely pleasure of finally meeting when we went to the Chive meet-up. Let me tell you, she is a good time and I was looking forward to hanging out with her again. Lucky for me, she and Zandi Watts were in the midst of planning an outing for Emmy’s birthday. They are quite the pair those two.


I stole that picture from Zandi’s instagram…I’m sure she will love it.

Anyway, they both have a thing for cats. A really big thing for cats. I’m going to prove it to you by posting another picture that was on Zandi’s instagram…she will love me for this one too.


I really hope you enjoy that one as much as I do.

So somehow while planning Emmy’s party, they decided everyone should dress like cats to go out. And as you know… my friends and I never turn down a chance to put on a costume.

That is the story of how Emmy’s Meowtastic Birthday Party came to be.


She even did her nails for the occasion.

We found some cat masks, dressed up, took some pictures (because that always has to happen) and went out to Charlotte.


The birthday girl :)



Like my cat mask?


Emmy, the birthday girl, was a beautiful white kitten all night.


And everyone in Charlotte asked why we were wearing masks. It was great.




I’m so glad that I have friends that like to dress up and go out. Without them I would be so lost. You guys are the best.



I’m glad that Emmy had a meowtastic birthday and I hope to be back with more updates on my life soon. Until then, you ladies stay girly. Meow!

Take me out to the ballgame


Today I was inspired to make some progress on this blog. I figure since it is officially fall, I need to finish up with my updates about summer.


We’ve got to get all of this summer stuff out of the way so that fall, which is my favorite season, can have it’s shining moment. Don’t you worry fall, we are almost there.

This summer I attended several Forest City Owls baseball games. They are a summer collegiate wooden bat team in the Coastal Plain League and they play at McNair Field, which is right around the corner from my apartment. You know I love baseball, so going to the games was the perfect way to spend some summer evenings.

Anyway, one of those nights was Daily Courier Night at the ballpark. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to invite the family to visit, because they are always asking to, and to let them enjoy one of their favorite pastimes. So I took the family out to the ballgame.


I was pretty excited to introduce them to all of my coworkers and they even got some quality time with Hoot, the Forest City Owls mascot.




That Hoot sure is a hoot…haha get it?

Another highlight of the night was sports editor Travis Durkee, also one of my best friends, throwing out the first pitch. He even gave Eric a chance to get out on the field by asking him to help him warm up.



Eric acted all cool like it wasn’t a big deal. Of course he said “Erin, I’m going to be in the majors one day so I will be on a field like this all the time.” But I know it meant a lot to him.

And of course Travis did a good job representing the Daily Courier and throwing that pitch.



The rest of the game was spent mingling in the stands and enjoying having my family for a visit. It really was a great way to spend a summer Sunday night.




I want to thank my lovely family for coming to visit me and the Owls for providing me with plenty of summer entertainment. I loved Daily Courier Night at McNair Field :)